SD Air Filters


Ceiling Media F5

Aerofil offers superior quality Ceiling filter media for automotive paint spray booths, powder coating and other surface treatment lines. These filter media are made up of non-woven polyester fibers with scrim backing and fully impregnated to hold the dust particles to the full depth of the media. Available in rolls and cut-to-size pads.

Paint Stop Rolls

Aerofil produce and supply various filter media rolls used in pre-filtration and heavy duty applications. Filter media are available in synthetic and fiberglass from efficiencies ranging from G2 to F5. They are available in rolls and cut to length pads.

Aero Pleat P

Aerofil offers another exceptional product for overspray collection – Aero Pleat P. These are perforated cardboard filters that work on the principle of inertia. This filter design obliges the charged airflow to change direction several times. The particles heavier than air then adhere to the walls while the airflow continues unhindered.


Aero Mesh

Aerofil offers good quality overspray collector media in two capacities – Aero Mesh SC and Aero Mesh HC.


AERO PAC-P filters are medium to high efficiency extended surface self-supporting Pocket (bag) filters made of super fine synthetic (Polyester) filter media. The progressive density multi-layered fiber arrangement offers excellent filtration performance combined with very high dust holding capacity.

Aero Cell HT

Aerofil offers deep pleat box type filters for high temperature applications. Filters are available in fine filters and HEPA range. Filters are silicon free and can withstand up to 385 degree Celsius.

Aero Cell MHT

AERO CELL MHT filters are designed as a fine filter for drying plants operating at high temperatures. This filter operates at 385 degree Celsius , with lesser pressure drop and longer service life. They replace the conventional deep pleat style filters in similar range. Maximum recommended pressure drop is 250 Pa.